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About us

We  are a non- government organization with a  group of nature conservationists, social welfare and activists for environmental support with involvement of the community basically responsible for the role of it’s efficient implementation not only for the bio-diversity but the culture and tradition which indirectly has a great impact in the ecology. We seek for the ways in the form of options addressing ecological, technological, and socio-economic and market constraints along with environmental studies which will in the long run be an aid for nature conservation along with the development of the community and achieve the result in form of collective effort for saving environment. We not only create the factors for the realization concerning to save the environment but develop and create  the alternative sources of employment and income at all level with a focus on poverty eradication rather than just on economic growth.

Though under registration process we already have worked on few projects which aim to provide income opportunity like as follows:-
·        No plastic campaign at Samsing
·        Volunteer for construction of Butterfly park at Samsing.
·        Organized several training activities which would require maximum involvement of local community regarding tourism with help of W.B.F.D.C like trekking, Herbal massage therapist etc.
·        Took the first initiative to organize Samsing Jaldhaka orange festival in order to create market for eco –tourism in these remote areas.
·        Initiated and rubber plantation projects in mourey forest village with the help and technical assistance of rubber board  which is successfully running currently.
·        Vermi- composttraining and construction of pits for 10 units in three villages in Samsing along with fulfilling the marketing feasibility for the farmers.
·        The promotion of home stays in developing its marketing constraints
·        Successfully pioneered the pilot and model project for the cultivation of organic strawberries targeting the low marginal farmers and also its market.
·        Currently involved different members as the co- ordinator in different forest villages in giving the training,  and distributes exotic vegetables seeds like lettuces, red cabbages, Capsicum etc and technical assistance for organic farming and also collecting the locally available fruits and vegetable and marketing it to the domestic organic market.
·        Organised training campaigns like bird watching, food processing ( mushroom pickle) under the skill development plant in forest villages.
·        Currently taking the initiative to form organic farmers groups and giving them the training and also preparing the record (ICS) for organic certification under Eccocert.


Objective of the above project is to use the only individually owned and available resource of the people of this area which is land and cattle (local breed) and with its implementation they not only will follow the natural practice but it’ll also keep the balance of bio diversity. The technical knowledge in the form of training which will be provided not only regularizes the practice of natural farming but will also play a significant role to provide pure organic products to the market. And with it economic benefit the villagers will be independent and non reliable on the nature resources which will save its existence
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