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Things you only see just once a year in North Bengal

How many times it has happened to you that you just missed an event, a period, a season and a view while your visit to North Bengal ? I bet you forgot now even what and when you missed, because you never keep such records apart from all those images you tag in social networking sites proclaiming your worthy visit to North Bengal. So, this post will revive all your memories and this time I beg you to make sure you maintain a calendar so that you better know when to pack your sacks and get out of your congested nest.

Here are few things that you should never ever miss about each destination in North Bengal, so just check your leaves and plan the events to add a perfect niche to your travel plan.

Orange Orchards Laden with Bright Oranges - Bara Mangwa

Bara Mangwa Orange Villa Garden, Darjeeling

Bara Mangwa Orange Villa, Darjeeling
Best Period : 

Oct  till January 1st week.

The Best Destination :

Bara Mangwa Orange Villa Homestay is unexceptionally the right place for this mesmerizing view. This home stay is owned by an orange grower and the is located in the middle of the solitary Orange orchard.
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The Color of Strawberry Village - Samsing Suntalekhola

Strawberry Cultivation at Samsing Suntalekhola

Strawberry processing at Samsing Suntalekhola
Best Period :

 November till  April

The Best Destination

Samsing Suntalekhola Village, newly named by travelers as strawberry village, The best part of this village is that almost all the houses in the village grow strawberries just as their hobby. So , do not miss the best time to taste these luscious and exotic fruit while your stay at Suntalekhola Homestay. 
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The  Blossoming Rhododendron forest : Neora Valley

Rhododendron Trek in Neora Valley National Park

Period :

February till April

The Best destination : 

Rachela Trekking at Neora Valley National Park

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The Harvest of Terrace Paddy Fields : Kumai

Paddy harvesting in  Kumai

Women Working in  paddy fields
Period  :

December till January

The Best Destination :

Kumai, a new name in the map of explorers awaits with it remote beauty of artistic paddy fields turning the mountains into golden peaks.
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Frozen Lakes in the wild : Jorepokhari and Mulkharka, NeoraValley.

Lake in Neora Valley National Park - Rachela Trek

The shadow of Kanchenjunga falling on Mulkharka lake
Period :

Dec– January

The Best Destinations :
Jorepokhari lake trek ( Neora Valley National Park) : If you want to see the beauty of frozen lakes in the wild then Neora avalley national Park is the best where you can see two big lakes frozen, the one is Jorepokhari at while Rachela trek and the other is Mulkharka lake, ( A lake blessed with the shadow of mighty Kanchenjunga peak)

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