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“Indian” – The Word North-Eastern Use for Other States

The world is truly not divided by the boundaries that the political diplomacy or social and economical advancements conquer, but the races and faces. If we see a black man, then our mind in the first instance never believes that he may belong to any country in this world, but rather creates a map of Africa. This context axiomatically speaks that the races and faces have stronger impact in distinguishing the boundaries of the world.

Now let’s come to India, a country renowned for its unity in diversity, a country that gives space to everyone without any discrimination of cast, creed and color. However, apart from all such proclamations, there exists a similar perception in every Indian that names a person not by the nationality but by the race and face he owns by birth. In this context, the people of north east, who share the similar Mongolian face that not by the impact of other countries but by historical evidences prove their indigenous right to the areas they hold. The reference can easily be taken outlining a map of Eastern Asia that also covers the north-eastern portion of India and stretches to other countries like Burma, Myanmar and Malaysia.

The perception is strongly opposed from both the sides, where a north-eastern still has to tolerate the piercing glares of the people in other states that make them feel like a stranger in their own country. This reminds us of a famous song of Jim Morrison that said, “People are strange, when you’re a stranger” because in relevance to what people from other states wear, the same perception prevails in north eastern states as well. The commonly used word “Indian” by the people of North-East for the people who don’t have Mongolian faces support these notions to prevail in its respective places. A close scrutiny of all the aspects that have given rise to such discriminating behavior reveals that even the Government’s role has built a space to nurture these neglected sparks.

The hypocritical boasts of Decentralized governing system that precisely have fixed their cams and carpets to focus just the metros and glazing stars, have cast their darkened shadow towards the North-East. This perhaps reminds us of a story in which a child gets isolated from a group of children when he hides himself for more than long time to win the game of hide-n-seek. Such is the oblivious situation of India, where Indian patriotism of north-east is still to be unveiled. A futile incident of stars changing their profile becomes a highlighted news, whereas group of women marching naked to proclaim their democratic right is made unheard and unveiled.

These are not the hypothetical perceptions, but the experienced profiles of North-Easters, where they have suffered such comments like “Chinky (That means Chinese)” in their endeavor to feel the pride of being an Indian. You can just take a while, and have your own experience of the isolation of north –east in the hearts of people from other states. To prove this you can ask a question to any 5 so-called literate guys of other states, “In which state is Cherapunji located?” You will certainly feel the huge gap of innocence people behold in them for North-Eastern region of India.

Ultimately, now how would a person feel in north east when someone calls him, “Indian”? The annoyance can never be blamed to the people of north-east as it is just a retaliation of the word “Chinky” they receive in Delhi, the capital of India. The time has come to explore a dark world that is truly not dark, but because of the black mask veiled around the eyes, it seems dark. It’s not the fear of terrorism that has kept people from exploring the chastened beauty of north-east, because if that would be the scenario then Jammu& Kashmir would never be called the paradise on earth. It’s all the burden of a stone on our free mind that has been gradually taking shape by our so-called glamorous involvement in trendy highlights of media and Government who talk more about themselves rather than caring about others.

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